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Real Estate Professional in Austin, Texas United States
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Aaron Ashton

Real Estate Professional
Real Estate Professional in Austin, Texas United States
Aaron Ashton was brought up in the world of architecture and interior design. Starting in high school he joined an exclusive architectural design team and placed first in state for his designs. Aaron credits his parents who always encouraged him to be driven, passionate, and kind. He then went on to play collegiate basketball in California before moving back to Texas to be closer to his family. Once he was back in the Lone Star State he began working on finishing his degree and working as a leasing agent at the
premier student living property in San Marcos. He soon finished his degree at Texas State at moved to Austin to further pursue his career in Real Estate.

Aaron simply loves real estate. There is nothing that gets him more excited than walking into a home and seeing the possibilities for its future. He believes every home has a story, and all it takes is the right person to share it. With that at his core, he also has the knowledge, the passion, and most importantly the understanding of what his clients
want. With his eye for design and ability to imagine spaces in a unique light, Aaron is a true star to look out for.

Aaron is focused on making the buying and selling experience as easy as possible. His clients are alway the number one priority and he will do everything it takes to give them
the best experience possible. Working with Aaron is unlike working with anyone else, he leaves his clients with an experience they will never forget. he can ensure each client’s satisfaction throughout the process of buying or selling a home.
8911 N. Capital of Texas Highway
Unit 2220 Austin, Texas 78759 United States
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