Shake It Up: Interior Design Trends for The Holiday Season

With the holidays in full swing, we all want tips on “decking the halls” to make the Holiday season unforgettable. From monochromatic to the downright gaudy, one of these styles is sure to tug at strings of your interior designer heart. Here are 3 interior design trends that will have you looking at Holiday decorating in a whole new light.



Griege Holiday Look

Nothing says chic and warm like muted colors all in the same hue. While gray has been an insanely popular color in interior design this year, Greige is slowly taking over and becoming the new IT concept. Rooms featuring warm and cool tones of grays, browns, and beige while highlighting natural materials, hence Greige showcase ease in holiday trends. For decor, a home dressed in these complimenting tones with a mix of metallic and elements from nature, is sure to sparkle long after the holidays are over. Ideas for decor include: Gray, white, and beige ornaments, Garland decorated with twinkling lights and muted tinsel, and evergreen and pinecones with hints of metallic strewn throughout, Candles in various “greige” shades, and lots of natural light really tie this look all together.



Plaid Holiday Look

While lumberjacks sometimes get a bad rap, we really want to pay homage to their necessity in the holiday season, with a focus on plaid as an interior design holiday trend for 2015. In small doses plaid is a winner, but let’s take it as grandiose as it can be, and make it a showstopper. By breaking down the basic colors in a holiday plaid palette, you now have reds, blacks, and even greens to work with. This look is so rich and inviting, while also having the room to become very edgy and eclectic. Create interest by mixing in your plaid decor with slightly more traditional pieces that you wouldn’t expect to bring into your Christmas. Ideas for decor include: Plaid wreath for your front door, plaid ribbon for your mantle, Throw pillows in complementary tones, Black and gold frames to throw in some minimal elements, and a beautiful table setting involving plaid placemats and complementing silverware. Throwing in some burlap to break it up will definitely ease those a little leery of going all the way with Tartan prints.


Bold & Bright

Bold & Bright Look

A favorite amongst color lover’s everywhere, Bold and Bright is sure to increase the joy felt in the home this Holiday season. Be eccentric with your decor and think outside the box. Do a rainbow set of Christmas trees like the image above, or throw that favorite shade of fuchsia that you’re afraid to tell everyone about in your decor scheme. Nothing is over the top when you are bold and bright! If you are afraid of overdoing it, white accents will break up the colorfulness of it all and make it crisp. Throw a modern spin on things, and have your Christmas tree ornaments be DIY origami. Everything is fair game and nothing is off limits when you are decorating Bold and Bright. Ideas for decor include: Lots of exuberant colors, patterns and textures on the walls, hanging ribbon from your ceiling with fun ornaments tied to the ends, GLITTER, and lots of bravery.

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