Cozy Up Your Space This Fall

With Thanksgiving upon us, now is the time to make the most of your space and get it ready for Fall and family. These simple touches can make your home an inviting place for all of your holiday guests.

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Switch out Accessories with Earthy Tones

Yellows, browns, and deep reds are often the first colors that come to mind when you imagine the direction of your Fall decor. Changing out a few of your home accessories for ones with deeper tones is one of the simplest ways to instantly improve the coziness level of your home.

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Pile on the Pillows

These quick additions create the comforting environment you need in your living room. Throwing a few extra pillows on the couch makes those chilly Fall nights all the more relaxing.

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Bring it Down With an Area Rug

Area rugs not only provide the illusion of making a room seem larger, they can also add to the overall harmonization of your Fall decor. Using an earthy color for your area rug can up the coziness of your home as well as help fend off the cold.

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Gather Around a Fire

A fire seems like a must-have as the weather grows colder. By having a beautiful glowing fire in a main area of your home friends and family will have no problem feeling warm and comfortable.

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Add a Touch of Tradition With a Quilt

Quilts instantly give off an inviting down-home feel. Pull out all those old quilts to cozy up your bedrooms. For an added comforting touch use quilts as decoration throughout the rest of your home as well.

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Spice it Up with Bold Drapes

Give your space an exciting look this Fall by putting up some eye-catching drapes. Choosing a heavier fabric can also help keep the cold at bay as it gets further into the season.


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Layer on the Bedding

What better place to make yourself more relaxed and comfortable than your own bedroom? Layer up those blankets and make your bed a place you want to stay all day long. Choose a seasonal pattern to add even more to your Fall theme and make your entire home Thanksgiving-ready.

028_Master Bedroom


Make Your Dining Room Unforgettable

One of the most important rooms in your home this season is the dining room. Thanksgiving is a time we all gather around the table to spend quality time together. Prepare to wow your guests by adding some of these touches to your table! Seasonal appropriate table runners and earthy centerpieces will ensure that dining at your house will be the most memorable time of the year.

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