Lions, tigers and bears – oh my!

AustinZoo1 A little known attraction in Austin, but worthy of greater attention, is the Austin Zoo. Although not greatly advertised around town, the Austin Zoo is home to many of the same animals found in traditional zoos. What makes the Austin Zoo even more special is its intimate environment and the fact that all animals are rescues. The Austin Zoo houses big animals such as lions, tigers, bears, and wolves, while also housing smaller animals such as monkeys and a variety of birds. Peacocks and other fowl roam freely around the zoo to the delight of all. There is even a feeding corral to actively participate in caring for the animals by feeding them for a small additional fee. Children of all ages will love this quaint zoo which offers a train ride around the zoo and into the hill country, free strollers for use while exploring the grounds, and educational centers focusing on animal welfare and awareness.


Recently, I was able to visit the Austin Zoo on a beautiful Saturday morning with a special little man in my life. The animals were easily visible for all ages and sizes and the zoo is easy to navigate. The train ride was a big hit, as was the petting corral.  Also, you can take your own food. There are picnic tables under the trees. This is a wonderful way to keep your kids entertained, at least for 1 day this  summer.

We had a great time and will be back soon!

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