Easter Bling & ‘CHEEP’ PROTEIN

Easter EggsAs marketing goes, the Easter Egg’s got game!

Who wouldn’t like nature’s perfect protein served up in a colorful and decorative shell that also happens to be conveniently biodegradable and/or a compost worthy recyclable?

As we decorate our Easter eggs with the latest & greatest Easter bling, here are some yummy tidbits on the nutritional value of eggs.


Vitamin D helps to absorb calcium which is important for strong bones. An egg has 41 IU of Vitamin D, up 64% from 2002- according to the USDA & the 2013 American Egg Board (whose job I understand is to test random samples of eggs for nutritional value.  As chicken farmers or egg producers modify feed & living conditions -think “free range chickens”- nutritional value of eggs change.)easter-bunny-eggs


A large egg has 6 g of protein which is 12% of the RDA- again according to the 2013 American Egg Board.


Cholesterol content in an egg is down 14% from 2002 (2013 American Egg Board).

Recent research has indicated that “cholesterol in food is not the culprit–saturated fat has a much bigger effect on blood cholesterol so the AHA (American Heart Association) has revised the dietary guidelines to allow healthy adults 1 egg / day,” according to WebMD.

So, eggs have less cholesterol AND dietary guidelines have changed to allow for an egg-a-day.easter-egg-hunt-01


An egg has about 70 calories…a great value for the caloric investment!


And, the egg is a very economical protein source.  At about 15-25 cents per egg, it’s hard to beat!

If you go old school and hide the eggs, try to keep the out of fridge time to 2 hours or less to avoid egg spoilage.  If you prefer the hide and hunt experience to be an event, check out this link at Austin360.com for some great Easter Egg hunts in Austin!

Happy Easter and Enjoy!

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