Is your curb appeal FROST BITTEN?

Here are 5 Photogenic Fixes for Fabulous Exterior Photos

front door 21) PAINT is your new best friend.  What winter has browned, you can brighten up with a fresh coat of paint.  Focus on the front door!  If the front door pops, that says “come right in!” to a prospective buyer.

Fencing is another good focus.  A freshly stained or painted fence helps define a backyard and its potential.  And, generally, a fresh coat of paint on the exterior takes years off of the look of a house.

Painted fence

2) TRIM & TIDY are key to Old Man Winter’s ravage on the plants, trees & shrubs.  Trim the bushes, shrubs and dormant plants to make way for new growth.  Rake the hoards of dead leaves and broken branches.  In short, Trim & tidy the yard.  No one wants THAT project when they move in.  Messy yards look like neglect to a buyer.

Rock & Accessories3) ROCKS & MULCH, BABY!  If you read my blog on curb appeal last summer, you know I think mulch is the end-all, do-all and go-to of the outdoors.  Folks, it’s cost effective and provides contrast for photos.  Let’s not forget that whatever percentage of consumers they say shop online for a house, WE all know that EVERYONE shops online for a house. So your photos must be amazing!! Use river rocks, pavers, mulch and whatever xeriscape touches will add dimension and interest to the curb appeal of your house.

4) YARD ART– yea, I said it.  Hold on before the front yard turns flea market.  Use a minimalist approach…or at the very least use moderation.  What I mean by yard art is more of “yard ideas.”  For example, place a lovely bench under a large shade tree as if to say “this relaxing spot under the tree could be yours for sipping lemonade in the summer.”

Yard art

Or, use tastefully potted plants to frame a walkway or outdoor living space.  If you are not sure if you have gone overboard, ask your agent.  They know these things.

5) SPARKLING WINDOWS– will stand out in photos. They look clean from the outside and, they accentuate the natural light from the inside.  As Austinites we know, blending our indoor & outdoor living is key to enjoying our space.

Good luck and have fun!

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