My Best Last Thanksgiving!


My family lived in a little town in North Texas named Kalliokie which was soon to be swept out of site forever by what is known today as Lake Lavon just North of Dallas. The town and farm we lived on was nothing more than the bottom lands that sold at such a good price, that many of the world War 2 Vets who wanted to become farmers settled there.

My Dad was one of them.  But our stake was a gift from my Grandmother who owned the land my Dad farmed.  It was not a good time.  The wheat field burned up the first year we were there destroying our  entire income for the year..  Then 6 months later a drunk driver in a truck didn’t make the turn on the curve in the road we lived by, and crashed into our house concaving the whole side.  And 3 months after that, the windmill blew over and flooded the whole house.  I woke up to water in my bed.

And then in a few more months, lightning struck our house and started a fire in the kitchen..  I was 6 years old and we had only been there less than 3 years.   And then there was that dad gum rooster. Starting first grade of school he chased me every day when I got on the bus and when I got home off the bus. It became a huge challenge to outrun him to the front door and enter into safety.

But the big final straw was when the tractor fell on my Dad.  No one there but me, and I ran and ran to the neighbor’s house which was 1 1/2 miles down the road.  This was the day before Thanksgiving.  My Mom had been cooking for days.  The house was decorated, but we would not spend Thanksgiving there.  Dad was hurt bad and had to stay in the hospital.  The next morning, we packed up the food, hauled  it to the hospital and there we ate our last Thanksgiving meal in that place called Kalliokie.  And before the blessing, my Dad took a deep breath and announced that we were moving back to the city.  That indeed, was the best Thanksgiving I ever had!!

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