Front Porch Staging for Fall

Photo Courtesy Tidy Mom Blog

Seller’s in Austin, don’t forget Front Porch staging!  The second that prospect drives up to your house, they are looking directly at your front porch and door.  So here is a wonderful list to complete preparing your home for sale with gorgeous fall décor and to make that prospect fell right at home. And these are easy!

Here’s a great list of decorating with pumpkins from “Southern Living Magazine”

1. Stack them up – Vertical displays make a big statement at the front door.

2. Line & Layer Your Steps – There’s a reason you see mums each fall—they work. Once buds begin to open, you’re guaranteed blooms whether your display is in sun or shade.

3. Lowcountry Charm – Go vertical with Garland and use Pedestal urns planted with crotons to allow room below for pumpkins.

4. Chesapeake Cottage Revival – Incorporate modern materials to add new energy. Moonlight-hued pumpkins and gourds amp up the glow.

5. Southern Classic – Layer oversize objects. Combinations of annuals, potted boxwoods, and heirloom pumpkins organize a lot of materials while achieving balance.

To read their full list click here.

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