Austin’s growing population, where is it coming from?

People moving to Austin have asked me “what is the population of Austin?”  Figures from 2012 census show that Austin is now ranked as 11th largest city in the U.S.  Over 137 people moved each day in 2012 into our area.   Hard to believe our “Little City” is now “big-time.” You can see the growth wherever you turn:  overly abundant restaurants, apartments and condos going up on every street corner.  Many of my clients want to move into the central neighborhoods in Austin, the vibrant, creative, and innovative area for the upwardly moving professional.  Families, generally speaking, choose favorable school districts.

If you count the Metro area, including San Marcos and Williamson County, we are 33rd largest in terms of U.S. “growth” with over 1.8 million residents.  San Marcos and Williamson County are at the very top of the list for “fastest growing cities:” lower property and corporate taxes, affordable living, lack of state income tax, and stronger corporate presence are our strengths.

Forbes published a map of where people are migrating from (and to) with data from the IRS:

With this growth in our population our city leaders are working on improving critical issues:  water supply, transportation, education and health care are but a few that we are all hoping to see a focus on in the coming year.

As a new resident -or old- it is important to lend our support for these issues.  Get involved and make a difference in your community.

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