Give your house a color makeover!

Do you ever feel that your office or kitchen, or even bedroom needs a makeover? With various HGTV shows spilling out new and innovative ideas right now, I think most people are itching to try something new!

Here are some things to consider when choosing colors:

1.       Choose wisely! Just because a lime green kitchen works at your friends house, doesn’t mean that it will work in yours.

2.       What mood do you want to create? Do you want something bright, sunny, or cozy and calm?

3.       How many colors do you want to add? Too many colors equal too much confusion. Simplicity!

4.       Try colors out on the wall. Make sure to find something you love and will love for years to come.

Here are various colors and what they symbolize and a suggested room they may fit perfectly in:

Red: Excitement, Energy, Love, Passion, Strength. Recommended for a dining room, as red encourages appetite

Orange: Happiness, creativity, Excitement, Hope. Recommended for a children’s playroom

Yellow: Joy, Sunshine, Friendship, Optimism. Recommended for a kitchen to brighten the room

Green: Tranquility, Health, Calming, Comfort. Recommended for the bedroom, office,sunroom, or in the living room

Blue: Peace, Harmony, Trust, Confidence. Recommended for any room!

Purple: Enlightenment, Peace, Wisdom, Trust. Recommended for a children’s playroom, bathroom or living room

Pink: Love, Romance, Calming. Recommended for a child’s room

Neutrals (Black, gray, white, and brown): Use in small doses as accent colors to any room

Here is a great link to see what colors would go great in your house!

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