Creative playrooms for every child

When I was a child growing up in the 60’s (yes the OLDEN days as my daughter lovingly refers to it) we didn’t have the ginormous playrooms or humongous decked out media rooms like we have today in many homes in Austin and around the country.   My siblings and I lived with our parents in a very modest home of about 1200 square feet and shared one bathroom….needless to say there was not a lot of quiet and alone time in a house that small, so we kids took every opportunity and went to great lengths to create our “secret hiding places” where we could play out of the sight of our parents.  We made tents, created living space in the clothes closets and even climbed up into the top cabinets over the bedroom closets!   I remember those wonderful times as if they were yesterday.   Sometimes we parents want way more than our children want or need….and there is always a creative way to bring that secret place full of wonder to your child….regardless of the size of your home.

One of those ways is by utilizing the space underneath an interior stairway, whether open ended or closed off.  You can create a child’s playhouse, art room, book nook or plain ‘o hideout, with a little bit of creativity and a can of paint.  Look what cozy spaces can be attained in a single weekend.

So don’t let the size of your home keep you from creating some fabulous play spaces for your kids.   You’ll love it and they’ll remember it forever and ever!


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