Living on Lake Austin

Lake-Austin-300x225Living on Lake Austin is a great privilege that a few lucky souls get to experience. Properties can be tricky to find, complex to own, and carry quite the hefty price tag.  But for those who are able it can be one of the most rewarding experiences in Austin.  There is nothing like pulling up to Hula Hut on your boat, cruising over to Ski Shores, or a nighttime ride to see the magnificent homes lining the banks.

However there are many issues that affect owning waterfront property in Austin.  Maintenance of waterfront erosion is a common complaint that I hear from my homeowners. The Lake Austin Task Force is making recommendation for a 50 foot no wake zone in the June meeting, which should help, and they are trying to help coordinate awareness and manage erosion.

Water that was previously free for folks who have lived on the banks many years is now being charged for by our LCRA, something that is highly controversial to say the least. . These homeowners were able to draw water from the lake in previous years for private use.  For some homes this is their primary source of water.  The droughts have made water a valuable commodity.

Speaking of water- there are newer subdivisions built- for example in the Pearce Road area near the west side of Lake Austin- were built on a “private” water district.  These subdivisions rely on the health of our aquifers, and during the droughts, could potentially become an issue if our water becomes scarce, food for thought when house hunting.

An excellent source for interesting facts on Lake Austin is on Facebook.

Right now The Lake Austin Task Force is also discussing changes such as charging boaters a fee for entry onto Lake Austin.

Likely to pass, I would hope that we can also limit the number of boats.  Lake Austin is a small “river” and not very wide, making the lake crowded at times.  A limit to the number of boats has been controlled in the past mainly by limiting the number of available boats slips.  Currently there is a 1-2 year wait list for boat slips marinas on the lake.

There are a myriad of complex issues to consider before jumping into buying a waterfront home, make sure you’ve done your homework.

If you are thinking of a move to Austin or the lake, please don’t hesitate to call me.

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