Relocating Your Running Route

RunnerIf you are new to Austin, welcome.  Settling in to a new city can be a lot of work.  There’s lodging, a new job, new driving routes, new favorite restaurants, new friends…and what about your workout?  That needs relocating too!  If you run or hike, we have options! If you have been in Austin for a while now but have not had the chance to hit some of our awesome trails, here are some to consider.  Or, if you have a favorite running trail, let us know by commenting below!

Town Lake Hike-and-Bike Trail

78701 Lady Bird Lake, First Street Bridge

Conveniently located downtown, this hike & bike trail is runner, walker, dog and bike friendly.  It is a great place to go at your own pace, meet up with friends and even venture off to a restaurant or festival while you are there.

Turkey Creek at Emma Long

1600 City Park Rd, 78730

Turkey Creek is about 2.5 miles long and is off leash for dogs.  There are several creek crossings and the terrain can be technical (rocky & hilly) at times.  Super fun for dog buddies!

Walnut Creek Metro Park

12138 N Lamar Blvd, 78727

If you love the woods but hate pounding your feet on the rocky terrain, this may be your new favorite trail.  Walnut Creek has several trails, maps are online or GPS may be handy.  There are winding trails and smooth single tracks galore.  These trails work great for running and mountain biking alike.  If you like a fast trail, try this one!

Brushy Creek Road Park

3300 Brushy Creek Road, 78613

This trail, like Town Lake Trail, is user friendly to all sorts of running, walking, biking, etc.  The trail is very scenic and offers options for family members who aren’t so fond of running.  The trail can be accessed from the park or from neighborhoods such as Avery Ranch and Oak Brook.  After your run, you can kyak, BBQ or turn the kiddos loose on the splash pads.  The park backs to Avery Ranch golf course.

Finally for those adrenaline seeking trail runners who love the technically challenging and borderline dangerous trails, check out  Bull Creek at Spicewood Springs, Rocky Hill & Revielle Ranch.  Rogue Training Systems also has a trail series that is a blast for the competitive spirit!

Happy Trails,

Joan Klausner

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