Just the Facts! Home Search goes Mobile

SIRMobileThinking about buying a new house? Where are you going to start looking on your smartphone or tablet?  You are not alone.  Mobile devices and phones are becoming the ‘new standard’ for not only how we communicate but how we do business.  Mobile traffic, across all industries, is estimated to be increasing 3.5% every month.
[Televox]Local searches for everything on mobile devices have quadrupled in 2012 [Local Search]  How does this effect buying or selling your home? While most industries will give you the basics, where to find an item and how much it is Real Estate agents “bridge the gap between internet research and viewing, buying a home.”

“Our research supports that home buyers are turning to their smartphones and tablets in their search and taking action to reach real estate professionals,” said Scott Dixon, president of the real estate division for Network Communications Inc. (NCI), The Real Estate Book’s parent company, in a statement. – Read more at: Inmann 

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If buyers can access all of this data, whether it is on their computer or mobile device, why do they need a real estate agent?

A Realtor offers more than just having detailed search capabilities.  Just as buying a house involves more than just browsing through listings and choosing one to make an offer. Time is a major factor it’s a real estate’s agent full-time job, they are trained on the real estate platforms and they know track down homes that meet your criteria.  If you’re selling a property Realtors do more than schedule showings, they assist in maintaining the safety of your property while ensuring qualified people are viewing it.  When you’re selling a property you have to be available to schedule showings and show the property to anyone who calls.

Negotiating between buyers and sellers is difficult, especially when both are trying to look after their best interests.  Real estate agents deal with contracts and financing conditions on a regular basis and it’s in their vested interest to represent and protect you from making a costly mistake.

There are plenty of resources to do an online to do an online search but if you truly want to ensure you find the right property at the right price you will need to talk to a real estate agent. They are experts at taking your list of ‘must haves’ and turning them into an actual home.


SIR Mobile App is available on Android, Blackberry and iPhone

The application offers a dynamic search results display with large property photos in the list view.  The photo gallery view displays full-sized photos and the property details together.  The App uses the phone’s GPS to pull listings based on where the user is located. While being able to browse luxury homes internationally is fascinating one of the true benefits to for local users here is that the App also browses the the SABOR MLS.

Download SIR App: go to http://m.SIR.com | go to your app store and search “Sotheby’s” | text “SIR” to 87778

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