Benefits of Professional Photography In Real Estate – No Matter The Price Range

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You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  That first impression… that first visual impression is essential to driving and maintaining interest in a property.  In today’s market buyers have very high visual expectations, short attention spans and they require clear information instantly.  Prospective buyers have an abundance of resources and before they are willing to schedule an appointment to see a property they prefer to view the property online.  The only way to capture their attention, entice them into looking further and interest them into knowing more about a property is achieved with professional photography.

Before you can sell a property you have to get potential buyers visiting the property.  According to ‘Digital House Hunt’, a joint report between National Association of Realtors Research and Google, the future of the real estate market is marketing to home shoppers online.  The reports states that 90% of home buyers searched online during their home buying process.  Additionally it states that 28% of new home shoppers used their mobile devices. According to Google real estate searches just on Google have grown 253% in the past 4 years.  These statistics enforce our belief that to represent the clients the best way possible you have to have professional photography.

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Chateau at Costa Bella  | 213 Costa Bella Dr., Austin Texas  | Listing Agent: Margaret Parma & Jenna Lentz

Professional photography isn’t simply using an expensive camera, you have to know how to use that camera and have skill in capturing the property at its best.  While you’re smart phone may have an 8 mega pixel camera in it, do you really want that image representing your largest purchase or the selling of your largest investment you’ll have in your financial life? Properly lit rooms feel bright, inviting, a wide-angle lens for size and scale, the angle of the shot is the difference between cramped and quaint, a high-resolution image isn’t just the size of the file but the quality of the image.  A real estate professional photographer also doubles as a ‘visual stager’, they take the time to look, really look at the space and try to take an image that showcases each room, even if they are empty, ok, especially if they are empty. Professional photography delivers results and is the only type of photos that you should be using in a high value marketing campaign no matter what the actual price of the property.

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In the Heart of Westlake Hills   | 1440 Mount Larson Rd.,  Austin Texas  | Listing Agent: Gary and Michelle Dolch

Shopping for a home online kinda feels like speed dating, its stressful, you’re making snap judgments from the brief impression they had from looking through the photos at hyper speed.  The buyer is stressed, nervous, unsure of the whole process and quite possibly jaded, wondering about all the disasters that could befall them.  How are you going to capture their attention let alone actually get them to look past that first exterior photo of the home?  Quality Real Estate Professional Photography helps to determine the next step in selling a home, getting the buyer to see the house in person.

Spectacular Lake Travis Views
Spectacular Lake Travis View | 208 Spellbrook Lane | Listing Agent: Diana Thomas

Spectacular Lake Travis View   |  208 Spellbrook Lane  |  Listing Agent: Diana Thomas

Creating a high value marketing campaign for a property should be the first goal of every real estate agent.  All of our homes, no matter what price range, have professional photography, creating that virtual walk-through that not only draws the buyer into the property but welcomes them into their next home.

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