Center City | San Antonio's Downtown Reniassance


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221 Losoya 5A/5B, San Antonio, Texas 78205

Downtown has always been associated with the Riverwalk, tourism and all avenues of commerce; however it’s never been synonymous with what we’d call home.  Not surprisingly that belief is changing and it can be contributed to a group of individuals that could see the future and were willing to take the leap and be the trendsetters.  We happen to be very lucky to have one of these trailblazers in our family, Debra Maltz. 

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Debra and Hap Veltman formed a partnership in 1978 dedicated to representing San Antonio’s downtown properties with the purpose of developing Hap’s vision of what San Antonio downtown lifestyle could become.  They were heavily involved in the development of real estate particularly in and around downtown.  In the beginning Debra handled the property management division of Centro Properties, which she maintained for 10 years, including the “Casino Club” on Crockett and Presa.  This eventually developed into working with Tony Bradfield at the Downtown Real Estate Company until she went off on her own for a few years creating what is now Centro Properties.  Debra joined Kuper Sotheby’s International Realty because she “felt welcomed and appreciated the sense of family” and because she “felt they understood downtown and the potential for urban living”.

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Today’s downtown renaissance has been in development for decades, and the popularity of downtown living has increased because of the advantages offered.  The ecological set see urban living as the ability to walk or ride to work instead of using cars, and they feel there is a sense of community that you don’t find in suburbs.  People are flocking to ‘Center City’ because of the tremendous recent renewals and new residential spaces, from re-claiming small clusters of homes on the edge of downtown to the new high rises that have modern lofts and condos. Downtown living offers a pedestrian-friendly lifestyle with public green spaces, shops, schools, offices, restaurants, civic centers and entertainment within walking distance of residences. Debra Maltz has been a pioneer of downtown living for over 30 years, an advocate to encourage others to see the benefits of downtown living with sustainability and adding stability to the city’s core.

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Debra has an avant-garde approach to developing San Antonio’s downtown but now she’s not alone in her quest to renew the ‘Center City’ area downtown.  Recently CNN published an article detailing what the U.S. Census Bureau found through their recent studies of downtown living. It said that “16 million people, or about 6% of America’s 258 million metro-area population, were living in downtowns areas”, and “Metro areas … experienced double-digit population growth rates within several cities, according to census numbers”

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