Are You Prepared to Sell Your Home?

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Are you thinking about moving?  Every homeowner asks ‘what should they do to prepare for the sale of their home?”.  Before you sell your home the first question you should ask is, “am I ready to move?”.  Most people when they decide to sell their home think that getting the home ready to sell is the first step and they want the market to be a seller’s market so the home will sell fast.  However, the first question should be if I listed my home today and it sold, would I be ready to move?

Preparing yourself mentally and emotionally for the selling of your home should be a top priority and one a Realtor has the ability to walk you through.  The process of selling your home is time consuming and requires a level of detachment so you can look at your home objectively as a real estate property.  Owning a home is typically one of the biggest single financial investments we’ll make.  It’s very difficult to transition from thinking of the property as “our home” to a financial commodity.  Additionally you will have to deal with keeping your home ‘show ready’ which can be stressful along with the possibility of a prolonged selling process if your home doesn’t sell quickly.



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So what can you do?  Choosing a Realtor who not only knows the market value of your home but the personal value will ease these stressors and will even make the experience easier is the key.   They know that the seller’s are experiencing a wide range of emotions about their choices and how the process of selling their homes can be overwhelming.  Realtor’s wear many hats and being there for their clients, supporting them through the process is just as important as evaluating market conditions and pricing their home right.

Once you have the right Realtor, what’s next?  Preparing your home for sale can assist you in the transition from viewing your house as your home and instead view it as a business transaction.  For your property to sell it needs to be priced properly, its size, condition and location must be in demand.  Making the property easily accessible for buyers to shop for their homes and giving them a clear idea of how they can see their life in the space by de-personalizing is essential.  It’s their turn to create memories in this space and for you to look forward to you making new ones in your new home.



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While they may sound obvious there are some essential things you need to do to prepare your property for sale.  Packing up your personal photographs and family treasures does a few things.  First it gives buyers less distractions and gives them a clean visual slate to imagine their own photos and family heirlooms in.  You want the buyer to be able to say, “I can see myself living here.” It ensures that these items are not damaged or stolen as well as giving you a heads up on packing up for your move when the property sells.

Another way to create a clean palette for buyers is to de-clutter.  It always amazes how much stuff you collect throughout your life, often without even meaning to.  Remember people are buying the property not the furniture or possessions.  By clearing away these items it will give the property as sense of feeling larger, light and airy the potential buyers will be able to visualize their furniture and possessions in the home.  Consider renting a storage unit to give you the ability to organize and pack easier with less rush.  The goal should be to leave enough furniture and items to give the each room in the property a purpose without it feeling like they are intruding into your home.



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Finally, to familiar ground, what should you do about the condition of the home?  What about curb-appeal?  There is nothing like making good first impression so be sure to put your best foot forward.  If a buyer doesn’t get out of the Realtor’s car because they don’t like the exterior of the property the interior won’t even matter.  Another obvious but often over looked issue is keeping the outside of the home clutter free.  Mow, edge and clear away the lawn, if you don’t have time to do this hire a service to make sure it’s maintained during the sale. Power wash the exterior of the home and driveway, it’s not my favorite thing or anyone’s but washing the windows does have an impact.  Making sure the potential buyers and their Realtor can identify the home by simply ensuring that they can see the house number.

While the entire process of getting your home ready to put on the market requires a lot of effort it’s to be expected, especially when you’re selling something of such a great value.  Know that your Realtor is a partner in all of this and as a team the hard work and expense will be rewarded.

Here’s a checklist to assist you in the process of getting your home to sell.  Link to Checklist for Selling.  

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