Inside the Home: Interior Design Styles

Once you’ve bought a home, it’s time to make it your own through interior design. Here are five popular interior styles to inspire your design:


7606 Shadylane | Mary Carter


The traditional design style is common in home decorating. It is characterized by rich tones, warm woods, and curved lines. Sofas and chairs are usually accented with tufted arms and wingbacks. Pieces are comfortable yet elegant. Accent tables in dark woods with intricate detailing are often found. Other key elements in traditional design schemes include oriental rugs, fluted lampshades, classic artwork in matching frames, heavy drapes, and antique accents throughout. 




6607 Laurelhill | Gina Candelario


The modern design style is one that is becoming more popular. Straight, smooth lines and neutral tones with pops of color are aspects in modern design. You’ll find high-gloss and Lucite surfaces. Sofas and chairs are less stuffed and have straight arms and backs. Modern homes are perfect canvases for modern art and frequently gallery walls with precise lighting. This design scheme is less focused on comfort and more concerned with high style.



arnold palmer

32 Arnold Palmer | Binkan Cinaroglu


Sometimes confused with modern, contemporary design embodies of-the-moment trends while modern design is inspired by styles of the 50s and 60s. Contemporary schemes are comprised of cool and neutral color tones, luxurious fabrics, and solids mixed with subtle prints. The softness of contemporary design is aided by abundant natural light during the day, and soft ambient light from sleek features at night. Overall, contemporary design offers style and comfort with a relaxing feel.




126 Northridge | Bridget Archer


Transitional design is a combination of modern and traditional. Transitional design takes the classic feeling of traditional design and injects a modern energy into in. This creates a design style that less intimidating and easily accomplished. Colors are neutral and lines are both clean and elaborate. Modern features like exposed ductwork are combined rich, traditional wood beams.





214 Regent | Judy Crawford


Eclectic design is all about having fun and mixing styles. Elaborate oriental antiques may be mixed with mid-century modern pieces. Eclectic design depends heavily on accessorizing; major pieces from varying styles are united with unique accessories, from artwork in mismatched frames, to gilded light fixtures, and one-of-a-kind vases, bowls, and sculptural pieces. Eclectic design may seem intimidating, but when done right it is one of the most intriguing design schemes.


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