10 Tips for Staging your Home to Sell

Did you know staged homes sell faster and have a higher perceived value? Staging your home can be one of the most effective tricks in selling your home faster! A buyer looking at their next home wants to envision each property as their own. This can be a very difficult task with an unfurnished floor plan or a home filled with mementos and specific style taste to the homeowner. When a home is staged, it is easy for the buyer to picture their furniture in every room creating a clear picture of their life in the home. By creating a more desirable atmosphere you will have a much better chance of making a sale! Here are 10 easy tips to stage your home: 1. Enhance Curb Appeal – Interested buyers will make a snap decision on whether or not a home is even worth looking at by how it appears on the outside. A few easy things to do are: mow the lawn, power wash the sidewalk and driveway, plant blooming flowers, wash the windows, and stain the porch as needed. 2. Clean Thoroughly – Make sure your every inch of your home is sparkling clean at all times. A messy home is distracting and is hard to look past.  This is the most important step in selling any home. 3. De-Clutter! – This may require renting an offsite storage unit for some home owners. Every surface needs to be clear of anything but the bare minimum, all cabinets, drawers and closets need to be cleaned out. By getting rid of all of this stuff it makes the space appear larger and allows the potential buyers to envision the home as their own. Your personal style, as great as it may be, may not appeal to the masses. 6 Drifting Wind Run-large-024-Kitchen and Breakfast 08-1500x1000-72dpi             4. Style the Rooms – After you de-clutter all of your surfaces, it is a good idea to place vases with fresh cut flowers around the home. Also, styling your dining tables helps them to not look so bare. 1704 Travis Heights Blvd-print-031-Travis Heights-4200x2804-300dpi             5. Rearrange Furniture – Use symmetrical arrangements and pull the furniture off the walls. Putting furniture into pairs makes the space feel more inviting. 1704 Travis Heights Blvd-print-008-Travis Heights-4200x2802-300dpi             6. Go Neutral – Neutral does not mean everything has to be white. Choose rich neutral colors to flow through out the home. This makes the home feel more sophisticated and pulled together. 7. Open your Closets – Closets are hugely important to many potential buyers. So while they are walking around your home they are going to take a peak. Clear your closets of all clutter, aim to have at least 20-30%  of free space. This gives the illusion of a bigger closet! 8. Utilize Extra Rooms – Many of us are guilty of converting extra rooms into storage spaces. A lot of potential buyers have a hard time imagining a space any other way unless you show them. Clean out the room completely and stage it as an office, guest room, sitting room, yoga studio, craft room, etc. This can be as simple as placing a small rug on the floor, 2 chairs, a side table, a piece of art of the wall, and a lamp in the room. 9. Beware of Pet Odor – If you have pets, this can be a big one. Make sure to get all rugs and carpet steam cleaned so the home does not smell like any animals live in it. 10. Decorate the Outdoor Space – Even if you don’t have a large outdoor space, just a few chairs and table make a huge difference. Many potential buyers are concerned with outdoor entertainment or a place to watch the kids play. By placing outdoor furniture this helps them to imagine themselves in that space. Canyon Rim_08

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