Mark Strama- Head of Google Fiber


We are beyond excited to host such a successful and influential individual at the upcoming O.N.E. Event.

Mark Strama is currently the head of Google Fiber for Austin. He strives to effectively deliver the newest network internet innovations to the Austin community. With his knowledge of technology, we recognize that Strama will be able to put an emphasis on the importance of  expanding technologies to our agents. He has key insights on business and residential technology, as well as technology that is specific to the business our agents are involved in on a daily basis.

Before taking this leap to head Google Fiber, Strama was involved in politics for many years after graduating from Brown University with degrees in Philosophy and Political Science. His position in the Texas House of Representatives has given him insight on the growth of Austin. Strama will be able to share this information with our agents and give his input on what this means for Austin businesses and the escalating real estate market.

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