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The die was cast for me in 1993 when I bought my first investment property in Austin, as an Accounting student at University of Texas. Before graduating, I had invested in a handful of single-family homes and a small apartment complex. I was “sold”, so to speak. These experiences gave me an acute sense of Austin’s dynamic economy and the challenges of buying and selling across multiple types of real estate.


Today, I’m a purpose-driven entrepreneur, Platinum Top 50 Realtor, and a Luxury Specialist who delivers value in ways that clients may not expect. I consider myself a strategic advisor, a premiere market analyst/forecaster, a connector, a never-ending student of architecture, a unique marketer, an expert negotiator and a value-add provider in the truest sense. Success allows me the luxury of telling the truth. Rather than sell, I share my passion for real estate and architecture, and my deep understanding of the local market. Clients deserve keen insights and white-glove service, and that’s precisely what I aim to deliver.


My primary market consists of business and community leaders, influencers, high income earners and entrepreneurs.  Most come to me through referrals. These are the clients who experience the greatest benefit from my skill sets in real estate - the ones who truly desire to understand how Austin’s sectors are trending from a value and lifestyle standpoint.


Still, the questions I ask are critical: What are clients’ risk points? What’s their experience with real estate? How can I help prepare them for what’s next and provide an exceptional experience – before, during and after closing?” By listening, I learn. And by learning, I can craft a strategy around their unique needs and mindset. I want clients to feel confident in the “real estate aspects” of their lives – and consider me their secret weapon.


• Worked hard to be a great father and human being by doing the personal work to grow as a human

• Been a business owner and entrepreneur as the only occupations since college I’ve ever known

• Put myself through school without loans and maintain financial independence since the age of 18

• Developed nearly 20 projects, from modern speculative construction to mixed-use buildings. I am deeply involved in the Austin builder and architect community, and I continue to invest in (and repurpose) commercial and residential properties, and support the city’s collaborative and artistic culture
• Had wonderful mentors and teachers in business and personal growth.  I love mentoring others 

• Lived in (and loved) Austin for 20+ years

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Tarek Morshed

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