Mid-Century Modern Home Breathes New Life in Terrell Hills

The mid-century modern design movement spans from the 1930s to 1960s and includes clean lines, fluid shapes and a desire to bring the outside in. Inspired in America by architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright the style brought in influential elements from European designs, much of which are being replicated today in architecture and furnishings. In cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and the suburbs near New York City, homes that reflected this style, which included the first introduction of an open-concept floor plan, were common.

In those cities today, mid-century homes are some of the most coveted on the market and with the hit television show Mad Men, the look spans not only homes but furnishings, lifestyle and fashion. In San Antonio, the style, though not nearly as prevalent, can still be found. When Isabel and Alex Villamil moved from New York to San Antonio, after spending a few months in Houston, they jumped at the chance to purchase a 1956 mid-century home built by notable San Antonio architect Reginald H. Roberts, who served as a vice president for the Texas Associate of Architects. Roberts’ aesthetic was greatly influenced by the then modern style and can still be seen peeking out of classic buildings throughout town including the San Antonio International Airport. 

“I have always been attracted to modernist structures, I love constructions that utilize huge windows and open environments, says Villamil. “The Roberts house is a well-designed home that brings a family together with open spaces.”

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 1956  2013

 A 1958 article in the San Antonio Light featured the “well-planned contemporary brick dwelling” where it noted Roberts’ then innovative ideas that included walls of glass and a floor of brick pavers. Villamil gave the home a high-end renovation in December of 2012 that paid careful attention to keeping not only the bones of the home intact, but also the soul. Breathing new life into an original wall which was composed of brick noted in the article as coming from the “Elmendorf brick kiln of 1870,” the wall was painted white to compliment the modern look of the interior. The original paver flooring, still an essential element to the design, today shines as it did the day it was installed and an additional wall of windows was added to the front of the home, which will give even more amplitude to open-light infused floor plan that creates a wow perspective from street view. 

Although the pink refrigerator or built-in sewing machine will remain a fond memory of the home, updated, modern luxuries recreate those same elements of surprise.  The updated European design elements and luxurious materials such as quartz and stainless steel throughout the home, make this Terrell Hills home, a work of art both old and new.

Listed by Kuper Sotheby’s International Realty, connoisseurs of the style are given a very unique opportunity to own an impeccably updated classic.  Please click here or contact Carol.Dintelman@SothebysRealty.com for more information.

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